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Bespoke Furniture

Designing Your Dream

Helping you design your dream space has never been easier, with our team of highly experienced designers, we are able to help you plan and design, creating a truly individual result to suit your space and lifestyle.



Step 1 - Plan 

At Great Look we want to design a space that works for you. We care about making sure every detail is covered, listening to your expectations in order to make your furniture easy to use and functional. After your first consultation we will produce a floor plan and configuration that suits your interior and needs. 


Step 2 - Design 

Once your plan has been thoroughly thought out, the exciting part can begin. With a huge range of materials, colours, fixtures and fittings, we can help you design a look that's right for you and your home. 


Step 3 - Visualise  

Even after you've chosen your finishes, it can sometimes be hard to imagine what it will actually look like. With the latest computer design systems we are able to produce you a visualisation of your space so you know exactly what your getting.