Think of a modern day kitchen …. And all the modern technology to make your life easier.. Think about luxury…
Then think of the tap that does it all . QUOOKER

* Boiling water kept at 110 degrees
* Filtered cold water
* Chilled sparkling water
* A variety of styles and colours / finishes
* “A” rated energy efficiency
* Time saving
* Space saving – no kettle on you worksurfaces

We all have busy lives and look for whatever appliances / technology we can to make our lives easier
Think about all the uses from early morning , what do we use boiling water for ,you will be surprised how much this tap can be used , boiled eggs , children’s formula milk , sterilising ,tea coffee and other hot drinks, blanching foods, and a whole lot more , even removing candle wax from a holder !!

If you’re interested in this superb Quooker tap come and see us at GREAT LOOK DESIGN STUDIO , TEAM VALLEY , GATESHEAD

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